Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2015-2016 SOLO, DUET, TRIOS

We are excited to get an early start this year!  
Please confirm and make sure I have you down on my official "Solo List" 
by clicking here:  2015-2016 Soloists
If corrections need to be made please let me know ASAP!

Please print and fill out this form:  SOLO 2015-2016 Form and return.
You can mail to:  139 E. 1200 S. Ephraim, UT 84627
Or email to:  brittjustdance@gmail.com

Friday, May 22, 2015

Extreme Team Tryouts

2015-2016 EXTREME TEAM

Addelyn Brotherson
Kylena Akauola
Brylee Swapp
Adyson Keisel
Gracie Keisel
Brylen Snow
Jayden Jeffs
Tamyra Moulton
Haley Jensen
Bella Johnson
Lucy Eddy
Allyson Pinney
Mashaylie Burnside
Libby Simons
Adelyn Brailsford

Love, Brittany & Kiersten

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


JUNE 8TH-11TH (new date)!
You're invited to a 4 DAY
Cinderella Dance Camp
hosted by JUST DANCE!
$50 (Take $5 off for each referral)

EPHRAIM June 8-10th (Mon-Weds)

MT. PLEASANT June 9 & 11th (Tues- Thurs)

Each day a new dance routine is taught in genre's of Jazz, Ballet, & Character using music from several productions of Cinderella!
Cinderella is a disney favorite!  Come and celebrate this beautiful story that teaches kindness, love, courage, and dance at JUST DANCE.  Come build new friendships!
Every princess will take home their own Cinderella Dance Camp Shirt and Crafts that they design during their princess camp experience.  
10:00-11:30am 3-5 year old:
12:30-2:00pm 6-9 year old:
Not only will they learn a new routine/technique during dance class, they will also learn important life values of kindness and courage.  Each day they will be able to watch small clips of the movie Cinderella while learning how to be their own Cinderella.  We will provide healthy "Cinderella" themed snacks daily, crafts, props, and much more for a complete Cinderella experience.  On the 2nd class day students can come dressed up in their favorite Cinderella (or any princess) attire for a photo shoot with a LIVE Cinderella.  At the last day of camp they will get to take home a photo collage along with their charm bracelets (earn a charm each day), tiara's, and wands. They will have a small performance (parents are invited to watch) during the last 15 minutes on Thursday wearing their camp shirts they get to take home.  
Camp balance is due on the 1st day of Camp!
Register Now by emailing:  brittjustdance@gmail.com  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


We are NOW accepting enrollment for the 
2015-2016 season for: 
2015-2016 Registration Form (Preschool age)

Preschool classes are my favorite to teach.  I love sharing my passion for all styles of dance with such sweet kids!  I opened Just Dance in Ephraim in 2006 and a few years ago expanded to Mt. Pleasant. I hope you will try out my program and see if its a perfect fit for you and your child!

DANCE CLASS is a 45 minute weekly combo class that teaches: Intro to ballet & vocabulary, jazz choreography & technique, creative movement, and occasional simple tumbling skills that may be incorporated in their dances.  Have them wear clothing they can move in! A leotard, shorts, dance costume, ect all work great :)  Female dancers will need a pair of pink split toe ballet shoes and can be purchased through Just Dance for $14.  There is one costume fee per season that is $45.  Male dancers will need to provide their own athletic shoes, black basketball shorts and we will order either a jacket, hat, prop ect for around $25. Their class technique will focus more on hip hop, sports, cowboy, super heros, and agility.  All dance students will perform at 2 recitals each year and have in-class parent observation days.

TUMBLING CLASS is a weekly 45 minute fun energetic class that teaches: Cartwheels, strength, coordination, handstands, round-offs, rolls, ect.  We have team leotards that are optional for girls that range from $25-$30.  Boys can wear basketball shorts and a t-shirt to weekly classes.  Team shirts can purchased to wear for the recital for $10.  Preschool tumbling classes will have in-class parent observation days as well as 2 in-class recitals.  

We have these PRE-K AGE GROUPS:
Teeny's (2 years old)  
*If your child turns 3 after September 1st they will be in this class.  If we feel they are more advanced and ready to be combined with the 4 year olds we won't hold them back and let them advance.
Tiny's (3-4 years old)

Preschool dance/tumbling classes teach:
*Creative movement
*Self expression
*Physical fitness
*Listening & following directions
*Body/movement control 

When do classes START?
Teeny's & Tiny's will begin the week of 
August 31st.

We will have a Summer Camp to get you EXCITED!
Cinderella Princess Camp in June (Girls)

*More info coming soon!

What is the SCHEDULE?
We are expanding our program and will now offer multiple age classes while being flexible to most preschool schedules.  Morning and afternoon dance/tumbling sessions are offered.
Please write down on your registration form when your child will be attending preschool and we will adjust our schedules accordingly if needed. IF our times do not work with your schedule let us know and we can open a new class!

How much does it COST?
$30/month per student for 1 weekly class
$45/month per student for 2 weekly classes
(We offer multiple class/student discounts and referral credit)

Fill out the form (at the top) and return with a $15 registration fee to hold your spot. 

Forms can be mailed to:
139 E. 1200 S.
Ephraim, UT 84627
or emailed to brittjustdance@gmail.com

 WHERE are classes? 
Ephraim classes are held at the Snow College West Campus building (see our schedule page).  Mt. Pleasant classes will start off at the city Rec Building while our NEW facility is being built!

If you have any questions please contact:
Just Dance Studio Owner: Brittany Dyches
435-851-1358 or brittjustdance@gmail.com

JUST DANCE (cheer & tumble too) SUMMER CLASSES!

Our Summer program is designed for students who want to continued progression in dance technique, tumbling, and flexibility.

(Click link above to view)  

SUMMER BLOCK begins June 15th and will be once a week 
for 6 consecutive weeks.  
Cost is only $45 for 1 Summer Block Class 
Sign up for both the Jazz Technique AND Tumbling class for only $65
Sign up for Jazz Technique, Tumbling, and Cheer White for only $75 
There is no registration fee for Summer.  Multiple student discounts are available!

To register please contact Brittany at:
brittjustdance@gmail.com or call 435-851-1358 to reserve your spot.

8:30-10:00am         Extreme Team Technique/Choreo          6th-8th grade (audition)
10:00-10:45am      Turn/Leap Jazz Technique                       Ages 3-5 years old  
10:45-11:30am      Turn/Leap Jazz Technique                       Ages 6-8 years old
11:30-12:30pm      Turn/Leap Jazz Technique                       Ages 9-up 

8:45-10:00am        Cheer Ice                            Ages 9-up  
10:00-11:15am     TUMBLING                          High Flyerz/Advantz
11:15-12:15pm     TUMBLING                          Starz/Twisterz
12:15-1:00pm      TUMBLING                           Teenyz/Tinyz

10:00-10:45am      Dance For Fun!                   Ages 3-5 years old  

9:00-10:15am       TUMBLING                          High Flyerz/Advantz

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